Hollywood: Another Giant God Will Take Down

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  • Hollywood: Another Giant God Will Take Down

    Posted by victorsarmiento71@aol.com Sarmiento on July 13, 2023 at 6:36 pm

    The Giant In A Choke Hold

    Midnight tonight, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) will go on strike. Already, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) had a significant impact on the industry, causing major productions to stop. This actors strike, however, will have a deeper impact than just productions stopping.

    According to someone from Variety, a Hollywood trade paper, union actors practically cannot do anything that remotely relates to being an actor. No interviews, no conventions (San Diego Comic-Con is actually going to be a Comic Book Convention this year! LOL), no performance whatsoever, no mocap, no voice acting, not background work, no auditioning…nada nada nada. How true this is, I cannot be certain. A well-known talent manager that I follow on Facebook says that there are some union productions that aren’t affected, but even what she says is true, those things that are unaffected is not enough to prop up Hollywood by any stretch.

    And this doesn’t look like this will be resolved anytime soon. I first heard from a good source that the producers were going to hold out on negotiating contracts until the writers were pretty much out of money. That was almost 2 weeks ago. (I could have had a scoop!) Then only 2 days ago, Deadline Hollywood, another Hollywood trade paper, reported that the producers were going to hold out until October and that by then, the writers will have run out of money. Something tells me that the actors striking won’t make the producers budge.

    Why would they? After all, it is their money. And they have lots of it. They could hold out until the entire industry bows to their will. To make a decent film, as CCO Jason Farley told me, would cost at least $3000 a minute. To make a tentpole feature, you are in the hundreds of millions of dollars for production and marketing. That’s a lot of money to be dependent on.

    It’s also a lot of money to lose. Disney’s last 9 features have lost over $1.1-1.3 billion dollars. Disney/Marvel and Disney/Star Wars have been failing to meet expectations. Amazon Prime’s Wheel Of Time and Rings Of Power were disasters. Batgirl was completed yet will never see the light of day, not even on streaming. And these are things that I just know of. The problem with them? Wokeness.

    There is another angle that should be considered. The last big industry strike was in 2007-2008. The entertainment world was still confined to the Hollywood space. Though gaining many views, YouTube was still in its infancy and content creation by individuals was barely starting. But over the years, as filmmaking equipment became cheaper, editing and visual effects software became more powerful, and word of mouth and “going viral” became the best marketing strategy, YouTube became the free market of entertainment.

    In a discussion with a long-time friend who likes to report on “geek news” on his podcast “A Hispanerd”, artist Alex Iniguez says:

    “This current age of technology actually allows for people to leave Hollywood and the studio system behind and create direct to market material. There are a large amount of creatives that would be able to make a great living off of fans following them and not their work through studios and it would be far more lucrative.

    It’s a pain in the ass to go off on you’re own but there is no better time in history and it’s only going to get easier.

    Eric July proved that through and through. He outsells every big comic company by a giant margin. It’s awesome!

    There’s an artist I follow on Patreon who stopped doing work for studios and now just makes content for us (her followers) because it’s far more lucrative and steady than her “professional” work.”

    Producers no longer have to work within the Hollywood system to make a profit with their money. They can decide to produce works far cheaper, yet still have great talent. And if the product is good, they can distribute it themselves through the channels they have developed over the years. I’m sure established streaming services would be willing to buy the license to have these productions streamed on their platform. And the producers who have a conscience, they don’t have to deal with the degeneracy that is so prevalent in the upper echelons of the industry. They don’t call it Hollywood Babylon for nothing.

    Loor TV: The Christian Free Market

    Loor released today a Project Veritas-type hidden camera of Hollywood insiders that revealed their reason for making Christian films: Profit and subversion. Christian films can be made real cheap and have proven to be profitable (at least the well-made ones), but these insiders are looking to add their own “message” in these films over time. It’s only the ignorance of those who want to eat the toilet scraps from the Hollywood vomitorium that allows for this to happen.

    Producers with a conscience, those conservative investors who have withdrawn from those contract negotiations, know they don’t have to feed the industry Beast. But before October comes, there is time for them to look for a free market solution, one that doesn’t pierce their conscience nor throw their money needlessly away.

    Loor is here for you guys! Loor has great movies and TV shows ready for you to back them up and create a new Hollywood without the rot of Babylon.

    God is Sovereign. And He writes the best stories! With the giant called Hollywood laying unconscious for a time, Loor is poised to take sword of Godly creativity and behead the slumbering “woke” (see what I did there?) giant.

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