Prodigal America

Vendors Requirements

Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at our upcoming Fight Laugh Feast Conference! As you consider becoming one of our vendors, here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to having a booth at our conferences.

Booth Requirements:

  • Vendor will be required to have a branded table cloth to identify your organization to our attendees.
  • The table we provide you with will be 6-feet long, so it should be a table covering that covers it well and fits accordingly.
  • Signage must stay within designated space for your booth. *Please email us if you have a similar design that doesn’t match the listed
  • Your booth space must have at least a 6-foot wide backdrop so that attendees can identify your organization clearly. specs for approval.

Booth Suggestions:

  • Bring stuff for kids! We are a kid-intergrated conference… so if you bring items for the kids, you’ll likely improve traffic.
  • Our demographics generally include ages 25-45, and are young families with children. Keep that in mind when it comes to selling goods.
  • Visual Aids are always a plus. Consider bringing a TV or laptop to showcase your company if that helps.

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