Where does America need to repent?



George Grant

James White

Steve Deace


Where, When, What?

Will Rogers Memorial Center

October 31st to November 2nd

A nation so blessed by God, with prosperity and riches and liberty like no other. God shed His grace on thee. A shining city on a hill, a light among the nations: known for industrious innovation, courageous political leadership, and astonishing freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom of conscience. America was once a thriving, faithful son of the Father, full of faithful churches. 

But Prodigal America has journeyed far from the Father, spending the riches of our inheritance on the pig slop of sexual perversion, abortion, and a corrupt welfare state swelling with bureaucratic blood and greed and tyranny. The American Church, deceived by gnosticism and secularism, infected by luke-warm and compromised theology, is guilty, fearful, and cowardly, and has refused to call Prodigal America to repentance. 

Will America wake up from our gluttony and hookers, from our idolatry of the state, from our prideful apathy and insolent rebellion, and return to the Father in true humility? God the Father is waiting and looking down the road for all His prodigal sons to return. Will Prodigal America return to the Father in repentance, confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord, or will we fall to our own destruction, and become a pillar of salt as a memorial for other nations? 

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