Christian/Conservatives Must Step Up

  • Christian/Conservatives Must Step Up

    Posted by Sarmiento on August 5, 2023 at 7:04 pm

    If Vimeo wasn’t a fragile company, I would be able to quote Dr. Ben Merkle exactly, so please accept this paraphase:

    “You may not be postmillenial, but your enemies are.”

    A post on the Loor Founders Facebook group (see image) is really telling of the mindset of Christian conservatives about the culture war Loor is engaged in. Anyone following LOOR CEO Marcus Pittman knows that it is practically like pulling teeth to have Christians and conservatives to invest in a David (Loor) to take down a Goliath (Hollywood), even as that Goliath is laying facedown in AI dookie as the writers and actors strike is going on.

    Watch this video taken from a recent CrossPolitic episode. If you know a Christian/conservative who is balking at the idea of engaging in the culture war in entertainment, send them this video!

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