DEADLINE: June 15th, 2024

The Prodigal America

Commercial Competition

As we gear up for The Fight Laugh Feast Conference 2024 – “Prodigal America” we are giving YOU an opportunity to win an All Expenses Paid Trip* for you and a friend! 

What we need from you!

The idea behind our theme, Prodigal America, is the parable of the prodigal son. So, think about that imagery, along with imagery of America, founding fathers, the sins of our country, our Christian founding, red dirt and fire ants. You get the idea, and we encourage you to think outside the box. Tell a story, get actors, get Trump to do your VO, blow things up, just don’t hurt any animals and CrossPolitc Studios is not liable for any injuries😂…make it a unique experience. But whatever you do, all assets must be free for commercial use, and CrossPolitic reserves the right to use all submissions for how we see fit. Keep the vision within the heart of CrossPolitic and Fight Laugh Feast – craft a promotional video for “Prodigal America” that will touch peoples’ hearts or blow peoples minds. At the end of the commercial, display the link and date/location to our upcoming conference at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Remember, it kicks off on Reformation Day 2024 (October 31, 2024).

Parameters for Entries


The winners will be picked by CrossPolitic Studios’ staff, and it will be based on our subjective grading of each submission. If the submissions do not meet our standards, then we reserve the right not to give out any awards.

Second Place

Two Tickets to the conference, airfare, Prodigal America merch, and invitation to the VIP dinner.

First Place

Two tickets to the conference, airfare, hotel, and $500 gift card for expenses on the ground, Prodigal America merch, invitation to the VIP Dinner.

Third Place

Two Tickets to the conference, Prodigal America merch, and invitation to the VIP dinner.

Recommended Concepts

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