HTBT Business Plan Contest Official Rules

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  1. No purchase necessary.
  2. Contest runs from 1/3/2019 – 3/31/2019.
  3. All entries must be submitted to no later than 3/31/2019 via an attachment or link to a cloud service platform.
  4. NO paid professional assistance is allowed. You may seek help from coworkers, family, and friends.
  5. Matt will provide assistance on the business plan only to CrossPolitic members that signed up with the HTBT code in the memo field. He will answer anyone’s questions on the contest specifically.

Criteria to determine winner

  1. Matt will be the sole judge to determine the winner.
  2. Business Plan must be based on your idea, your company, or the company you work for.
  3. It must be professionally done, with pictures, table of contents, etc., and with no grammar or spelling errors.
  4. It must at minimum have 6 sections:
  5. Executive Summary
  6. Problem and Solution
  7. Market Research and Analysis
  8. Execution (Strategy + Tactics)
  9. Company and Management Summary
  10. Finances
  11. It must be realistic and relevant to you. It should reflect your current situation including any gaps you have in real life that need to be filled.
  12. Gaps will not count against you when considering your business plan if you have thoughtfully and articulately described how you will fill them in your business plan.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (Prize[s])

  1. Winner will be announced on a future HTBT show and be contacted by Matt via the email address used to submit the business plan.
  2. The first place winner will be invited to appear on HTBT to discuss the business plan and win a SWAG BAG full of HTBT… SWAG.
  3. Second place will receive nothing because you didn’t win and neither will any of the other finishers. Better luck next time!


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