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  • Bergman

    August 18, 2023 at 7:20 am


    I apologize for the issues you are facing. As you know over the past year or so we’ve been working to transition things over to a more stable/cancel proof platform for our content. I’m sure you heard about how Vimeo recently shut us down without warning and we had to scramble to switch to the new PubTV app we were working on. Fortunately we were at the end and so we were able to pivot quickly. Unfortunately when that happens, some things get missed and can be bumpy until we get all the kinks worked out.

    Regarding the audio feeds, here’s the source RSS feeds that you should plug into your Podcast Catcher to get the latest audio podcasts. This is the source of truth for the audio versions of the site, and when an episode is uploaded here the RSS feeds are immediately updated.

    This is the global feed, it has every show on the network:

    This is the individual feeds for the shows you mentioned:

    CrossPolitic –
    Daily News Brief –
    Rebel Podcast –
    The Comedian Next Door –

    Now on your point regarding the CP feed, can you explain a little more by “the links are invalid”? That actually redirects to the proper link above, and the audio links work for me when I copy and paste them into the browser, and in my podcast catcher (pocketcasts). Any more information you have there will help me troubleshoot with you.

    Regarding the URL, this is actually the feed for the website, not specifically the podcast shows, and is only updated when information is added to the website (news content, media, etc). It’s a built in function of our website platform. I would recommend you use the above links which is exactly what you’re looking for.

    Thank You