Why I Have Subscribed To Loor

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  • Why I Have Subscribed To Loor

    Posted by victorsarmiento71@aol.com Sarmiento on June 23, 2023 at 5:49 pm

    So why am I a paid subscriber when there is hardly any content on the platform?

    1. “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” Zechariah 4:10 NLT

    God gave me the great privilege of seeing from the sidelines, since near the beginning of idea, the growth of this venture. My talks with Jason about Loor and the industry in general have been inspiring, not only to me, but my children as well! My kids are prayer warriors for Loor!

    Seeing how far it’s come, there is something truly amazing what God is doing with Loor!

    2. I had been pursuing an acting career since 2012. Without an agent, I did self-submits for roles on a few websites. I can tell you that the breakdown of roles changed drastically after Trump was elected. Before 2016, I could submit to numerous roles per day and audition often. After 2016, submissions were rare. It was hard to find projects that wasn’t promoting the ungodly agendas of the day. Student films were the worse!

    Then when the scamdemic hit, God’s Providential Hand flung me and my family from Southern California to North Idaho. My heart sunk. I had just finished a shoot with some well-known actors in November 2019, and that lead me to landing a top Hollywood agency to represent me. But when things shutdown, things look bleak. Initially, many casting directors opened opportunities for open auditions, even though they weren’t casting anything. But as time went on, things remained closed. When things finally started to open up, masks and testing were now required. Eventually, they required getting the jab. Compound that problem with the woke ideology, I quit pursuing Hollywood and ended my membership with the Screen Actors Guild.

    I see Loor as an opportunity, not just for the bold “punk rock” Christian filmmakers, but as for me as well. God used Hollywood to build me up. I was blessed to learn acting at a couple of great schools; learn motion capture from the best in the movie and gaming industry; and learn so much on the numerous sets I had a privilege of being on. I believe that God will now use me to build up Loor.

    3. God writes the best stories.

    The Writers Guild of America is on strike. The Screen Actors Guild has been authorized to strike. Most of Hollywood is at a stand still in solidarity with the WGA. People are out of work and few productions are moving foward. Christians in the industry want out of the Hollywood muck of wokeness. Many of them, including non-Christians who hate the woke ideology, are looking to get unshackled from their golden manacles. Loor is not only an opportunity for them to get out, but to create great stories that will fight against the Hollywood culture. The time for Loor to rise and grow couldn’t have happened at a better time, when the Hollywood Goliath has been knocked down and is just waiting to be beheaded.

    4. To bring it back to my first point, go watch Teach All Nations – Episode 1: The Ranks of the Insane, starting at 10:54 and ending at 14:45. Beta testers will remember this. Everyone should take up the free 7-day trial and check it out, not just this section, but all of it.

    Help build an inheritance, fight against Hollywood woke culture, subscribe today!

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