Early Adopters Fueling LOOR's Success

  • Early Adopters Fueling LOOR's Success

    Posted by victorsarmiento71@aol.com Sarmiento on September 9, 2023 at 5:18 pm

    The question keeps coming up: Why pay for a streaming service when there is hardly any content?

    Consumption is only one aspect in exchanging dollars for product. Investment is the other. When paying for a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, we receive access to entertainment and proceed to consume it. But it is also an investment into our leisure time, our time of escapism into another time or place. Unfortunately, with the prevalence of the woke ideology so pervasive in current entertainment, it’s not so much an investment into our fun time, but a malinvestment into being indoctrinated by evil. Even if we were to only watch movies and TV shows that are “less woke” (scrutinizing eyes and ears will see it wasn’t so “less”), our money is going to those streaming services that will use it to fund more “wokeness”, both in the immediate sense (ie. Netflix Originals) and somewhere down the line (studios who license out to the streamers).

    Loor TV is a streaming service headed by Godly men who are curating Godly productions for the platform. For us Early Adopters, we’re not only funding those Godly productions with our Loot, but we’re also building the platform that will push the boundaries of current day Hallmark-type faith-based projects. It is an investment in building something that is sorely lacking in Christian entertainment.

    And there’s more!

    When CEO Marcus Pittman says that Loor is “streaming gamified”, he isn’t kidding. Loor has a partially implemented Leveling system, which increases for each Loot spent and each personal invite accepted to the 7-Day Free Trial. Listen to COO Jason Farley as he explains how this system will create value for the subscriber and the platform. “Dividends” will pay out when it goes online.


    Now is a great time to be an early adopter!


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