Review 2019: Top 10 Blogazine Articles

Here are the ten most popular articles from the CrossPolitic Blogazine in 2019. These articles garnered a lot of attention this year and they highlight key aspects of the work at CrossPolitic. Enjoy the review of 2019!

10. The Future is Familial. This article traces the cultural trends toward being unmarried and how the family is central to the mission of God in the world.

9. No Quarter November by Pastor Doug Wilson was a hit. He gave away a lot of books for free. This article offers a suggested order for reading his books.

No Quarter November

8. For the anniversary of the Dred Scott case, here is a review of why that case was wrong and how it applies to Abortion in America. It explains how Roe v. Wade is not only immoral but also violates legal precedent in America. 

7. The Tribalism of the NeverTrump Evangelical Elite discusses the ways that Evangelical elites have formed a tribe which often succumbs to an echo chamber. This in turn leads many Evangelical elites to misrepresent the problems and situations in the evangelical world.

6. Avengers: Endgame was a widely popular movie this year. This article explains that even though the movie employs a postmodern worldview, it ultimately cannot escape the nature of reality in celebrating family, parents, and marriage.  

5. In 2019, Greg Johnson, a PCA pastor, come out as gay. Gabe Rench wrote an article discussing CrossPolitic’s interview with Johnson in 2018 about the Revoice Conference.  

CrossPolitic’s interview with Johnson

4. The Evangelical Reconcilers was a piece explaining how key leaders in the evangelical world attempt to build rapport with the secular world but end up taming evangelicalism so that it can be reconciled with the broader culture. This means that Evangelicalism is not changing the broader culture, but bowing down to it. 

3. Pastor Toby wrote a piece defending John MacArthur’s famous response to Beth Moore “Go Home.” The article was widely shared and read. In fact, the web traffic crashed Toby’s blog for a time so he asked us to share it here at the blogazine as well. His original post can be found here at his blog.

2. This year Chick-Fil-A went from being a Christian conservative ally to a capitulator to the gaystapo. Rhett Burns explains what happened. This moves Chick-Fil-A from being a symbol of resistance to an example of what happens when we try to appease the other side.     

1. Our most popular post in 2019 was a piece in response to the Alabama abortion legislation. It explained Why Rape and Incest are Not Moral Reasons for an Abortion.


Image by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pixabay

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