Quote on Mealtimes

“If we understand mealtimes as an important blessing from God, then we need to carve enough time in our schedules for this most precious gathering of the day. To have regular sit-down meals as a family, and to have people over, you have to have a schedule that frees your time to do this. Your life can’t be filled to over-flowing with activities. As good as each activity may be, if your week is so full that there is no time to enjoy meals with your family and friends as a way of life, then you are living an impoverished life.”-[amazon_textlink asin=’0989702855′ text=’Food For Thought’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’crosspolitic’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c6e8675f-c0f5-11e8-9ee2-4b1a9b36c276′], Francis Foucachon

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