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Fight Laugh Feast University

Condensed Seven to Eight Week-long Worldview Culture-engaging Courses 


Join a Community of Learners


Classes are Twice Per Week Plus Reading Assignments


Online Seven to Eight Week-long Courses


Recommended High School Age and Up


In Person Online Instruction and Discussion

Condensed Seven to Eight week-long Courses for Culture-Makers


Seven to Eight Week-long Sprints

Classes run for eight weeks.

Online Personal Classroom Interaction

Join your class live every week.

Connect with Your Favorite Instructor

Live lectures and discussions.

Our Courses


From Pen to Heart: Writing Stories that Change People - Jason Farley

The Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.” Francis Schaeffer

Good storytelling is rhetoric. A good story, like rhetoric, informs, persuades, or motivates. This is a class on how to tell rhetorically effective stories. How to connect with, convince, convict, move, unsettle and resettle an audience. How to serve those gathered around your story with truth, beauty, and goodness.

In this class we you will learn the ins and outs of writing convincing stories, with an emphasis on screenwriting, and how to tell fundamentally Christian stories in a world that has turned its back on everything that makes stories great. Since the world has been in a story telling contest since the Dragon’s first “Hath God said…” our survival as a people depends on our storytellers being able to compete on an uneven playing field. In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of storytelling, the fundamentals of screenwriting, and the way these all apply to making movies. Come prepared to enjoy and think deeper about movies than you ever though possible.

Schedule of Topics:

  1. What does it take to make a film – The triangle of creativity, tech, and business
  2. Theology of creativity
  3. Sneaking Past the Watchful Dragons – Horatian Principles still work. A good story hides truth in plain site and a bad story sneaks lies past our defenses.
  4. The evaluative process. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in motion. (Evaluating film vs. snapshot) – It’s not enough to criticize. Being a critic is easy. You have to be able to fix it.
  5. Habits of a writer
  6. The grammar of story – Break it down to be able to build it up.
  7. Is it a story or just a concept? How to get from concept to story by understanding sanctification.
  8. Creating protagonists
  9. Creating antagonists (that think they’re the protagonist)
  10. Plotting for Character Development (aka Hurting people you love for their own good)
  11. Don’t forget to feed the bears (The Rhythm and Poetry of Sabbath in Story)
  12. Imagery, imagery, imagery!!! Image bearers live in images like fish live in water.
  13. Communicating survival information like your audience’s survival depends upon it.

Jason Farley is a poet, author, and screenwriter in Spokane, WA. As a co-founder at, he is working to free Christian filmmakers from the tyranny of the Hollywood mafia.

Starts January 11, meets Tues & Thurs, 5pm Pacific time


Life is Hardy Har Hard: A Comedy Workshop for Christians

Life on Earth is not for sissies. Every day presents you with trials and tribulations that can rob your joy and make laughter impossible. But that’s not how it’s supposed to be for Christians.

As heirs to the Kingdom of God, Christians ought to be jolly folks. This 7 week course is jam-packed with practical information for how to sharpen your sense of humor and find funny, even in tragedy.

Laughter is a learned behavior and with over 30-years of comedy experience, I can teach you how to do it. The course contains information that will help you:

  • Speak more effectively.
  • Encourage others when they suffer.
  • Overcome depression.
  • Stand up to bullies.
  • Brainstorm zillions of ideas whenever you feel like it.
  • Laugh more often.

Comedy is a weapon for destroying suffering. Learn to wield that weapon like a pro. It will make your whole life better!

(This course is fun too.)

Course Details

Course meets twice a week live on Zoom for 1 hour per class (5pm PAC time/8pm EST on Tuesday and Friday) for 7 weeks. 

First class will be July 13th. Final class will be August 27. (There will be no class August 20th.)

Each session will be a mixture of lecture and activities. Sessions are highly interactive. Students are expected to participate, not merely audit!

Outline of Classes

God Decides What Is Funny Jul 13, 2021 

Always Question Everything Jul 16, 2021 

How Your Brain Works and Why It Matters Jul 20, 2021 

Finding The Planks In Your Eye Jul 23, 2021 

Comedy Is A Weapon Jul 27, 2021 

Assert Your Point of View Jul 30, 2021 

Let’s Make Assumptions! Aug 3, 2021 

Passion or Apathy? Your Choice! Aug 6, 2021 

Function 1: Exaggeration Aug 10, 2021 

Function 2: Contrast Aug 13, 2021 

Function 3: Simile / Metaphor Aug 17, 2021 (Two topics this class)

Function 4: Callback Aug 17, 2021 (Two topics this class)

Introduce Yourself Aug 24, 2021

Your Mundane Life Revisited Aug 27, 2021 

    Book List
    Required Reading:

    “Life is Hardy Har Hard: How to Use Comedy to Make Your Life Better” by John Branyan. Available at Amazon or


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