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Theology and Culture


Fight Laugh Feast University: Theology of Culture: Starting October November 5th!

Classes: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5pm to 6pm PAC time, November 5th through December TBD dates (7 weeks)

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Theology and Culture: Foundations in Theological Analysis of Intellectual and Cultural Trends that are impacting Church and Society.

Instructor: Thomas Price, DPhil Oxon.

The aim of this course is to supply students with comprehensive insight into foundational Christian principles of reality and to help them gain purchase into the ways in which these principles provide wisdom and insight to engage critically contemporary trends that are impacting the church and society. This course will trace Western intellectual thought from the breakdown of classical Christian understanding through the Modern and Postmodern alternatives up to the radical trends of Critical Theory (Race, Gender, etc.) and the New Absolutes. One of the core benefits of this course is the insight one will gain into the various strands of ideas that have shaped the current trends aimed at undermining biblical Christianity. This insight will help illumine proper Christian witness within the conditions set by these various ideas and trends. Finally, this class will focus on the spiritual dimensions of these trends, exposing

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Online Courses

Seven to Eight Week-long Online Courses with a Live Instructor Delivered via Zoom.


Required books:
1. Holy Scripture
2. Peter Gay, Modernism: The Lure of Heresy
3. Stanley Grenz: A Primer on Postmodernism.
4. Bruce Wiker, 10 Books that Screwed up the World, and Five that didn’t help.

4 weeks (Christian Principles and Analysis of Modernity and Postmodernity)

3 weeks (Radical trends impacting Church and Culture and the Biblical Alternative)


Week One:
Read for Week One: Grenz, Chapters 1-2; Gay, ‘A Climate for Modernism’ and Chapters 1-2
Tuesday, October 27:
– Introductory Matters (Go over the shape of the course)
– First Principles of the Christian Theological Vision: Scripture, Metaphysics, and Ethics
Thursday, October 29:
– First Principles Continued…
– Biblical Reasoning and Philosophical Tools
– Theological Analysis as Idolatry Critique

Week Two:
Read for Week Two: Grenz, Chapters 3 -4; Gay, Chapters 3-4
Tuesday, November 3
Election Day (no class)
Thursday: November 5
– Classical Christian Vision: The Christian Difference and the Difference it makes
– Retrieving Christian Transcendence

Week Three:
Read for Week Three: Grenz, Chapters 5-6, Gay, Chapters 5-6
Tuesday: November 10

Thursday: November 12
– Western move away from Christian vision continued…
– God, Creation, Humanity, History redefined
– Radical Autonomy and the war for Dominance

Week Four:
Read for Week Four: Gay, Chapters Chapter 8; Wiker Chapters 1-4
Tuesday: November 17
– Character of Modernity: Heresy in various fashions
– Various paths of Modernity (a bunch of ‘isms’)
– The continuing impact of this bunch of ‘isms’.
Thursday: November 19
– The rise of Suspicion, Deconstructing Modernity
– Postmodernism (its character and various expressions)

Thanksgiving week:
Tuesday: November 24
Discuss readings so far (make up class for missing Election Day).
Thursday: No class

Week Five:
Read Wiker, Chapters 5-8
Tuesday: December 1
– Postmodernism continued…
– Nihilism, Neo-Gnosticism, Social-Constructivism

Thursday: December 3
– The Rise of the Revolutionaries: Post-Marxian Trends

Week Six:
Read Wiker, Chapters 9-12
Tuesday: December 7
– The origins, aims, and impact of Critical Theory
Thursday: December 9
– Critical Theory Continued…

Week Seven:
Read Wiker, Chapters 13-15
Tuesday: December 14
– More trends and challenges: Political, Ethical, and Spiritual impact
– A deeper Christian Analysis and Engagement

Thursday: December 16
– Wrapping things up: Next Steps
– Final Discussion
– Confidence in the Gospel’s riches