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$2.00 / year with a 314-day free trial

Our Fight Laugh Feast Magazine will be a quarterly issue that packs a punch like a 21 year Balvenie, no ice. We don’t water down our theology, why would we water down our scotch? Order a yearly subscription for yourself and then send a couple yearly subscriptions to your friends who have been drinking luke-warm evangelical cool-aid. Every quarter we promise quality food for the soul, wine for the heart, and some Red Bull for turning over tables. Our magazine will include cultural commentary, a Psalm of the quarter, recipes for feasting, laughter sprinkled through out the glossy pages, and more. So sign up and enjoy the our Fight Laugh Feast theme park.

Preorder your first year subscription now for $20 off (full price $60/year). Discount available to all who sign up before January 1, 2021.