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Foundations for Family Freedom – Online Course


Meeting Times: Monday July 18, Monday  Aug 1, Monday Aug 15, and Monday Aug 29.
Meet on ZOOM at 6pm Pac/9pm East

Course Overview
Join this course to learn how to cultivate generational family independence via entrepreneurship, homesteading, and tactical readiness for the benefit of local communities. As Christians, we are commanded to build, plant, and multiply no matter what is going on around us. However, the practical steps to be faithful in these areas can sometimes be daunting or unknown for normal families. In this course Nathan will walk you through how and why he:
– created financial margin via small business and real estate
– bought land
– moved his family of seven into a bus (initially off the grid)
– started building their family homestead

During this course, you’ll glean wisdom Nathan gained through special operations
military service, entrepreneurship, and construction so you can get to work developing
and implementing a freedom strategy for your family.

Course Goals:
During this course, participants will:

  1. Be introduced to a comprehensive framework for building personal margin
  2. Learn how personal margin enables effective Kingdom-building
  3. Evaluate their life to find opportunities for growing margin and personal freedom.

Course Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
– describe their plan for growing margin in their life
– take concrete steps toward building and defending a multi-generational vision
– articulate a Biblical understanding of the need for personal margin

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Course Schedule: 
  • Class 1 | Overview + What is Margin and Why You Need It
  • Class 2 | What Are You Building (and Can It Be Passed Down)?
  • Class 3 | Are You Able to Defend What You Love?
  • Class 4 | What’s Next + Dealing With Setbacks
About the Instructor:
Nathan Spearing spent 14 years in elite U.S. Army special operations and exited the military early in order to spend more time with his wife and five children. Upon leaving the military, he founded Transform NC, a bespoke general contracting company that specializes in historic remodels. Learning to take risks in the military enabled him to embrace the complexity of entrepreneurship and build businesses that serve his family and local community.