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C.S. Lewis: 4 Key Books – Online Course


Instructor: Jesse Sumpter

Starts: Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Meets on ZOOM Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm PT/7pm ET

C.S. Lewis has shaped Christian thought for the last century. Four key books from Lewis are: Screwtape Letters, Abolition of Man, God in the Dock, and The Last Battle. These books reveal the way that Lewis both diagnosed our key problems and also offered pivotal solutions. These works are a great place to start with Lewis and they are also a great way to dig deeper into his insightful mind. Lewis helps his readers think like a Christian in education, politics, marriage, family life, and the church. Through discussions and readings in these works you will come to understand Lewis better and gain biblical insight into the spiritual battles all around us. 

The readings for the class are kept to a short size so that attendees can keep up easily. Attendees are welcome at each class even if they do not have the reading completed.  


  • Understand What Lewis sees as the key Flaws in Modern education and philosophy
  • Recognize How Lewis uses the gospel to heal key problems in marriage
  • See How Lewis identifies the devious nature of tyrannical governments
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the human heart through the eyes of Lewis

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Course Details

Course meets twice a week live on Zoom for 1 hour per class (Tuesday and Thursday) for 7 weeks. First meeting is Tuesday, June 28. Last meeting is Thursday, August 11.
Meeting Times: Tuesday & Thursday at 4-5pm PT

Required Books for the Course: 

  • The Abolition of Man
  • God in the Dock (select essays)
  • The Screwtape Letters
  • The Last Battle

Course Assignments

Week 1
Tues, June 28
Topic: Intro to Lewis & Spiritual Warfare
Reading Due: Screwtape Letters 1-12

Thurs, June 30
Topic: Nature of Temptation
Reading Due: Screwtape Letters 13-20

Week 2
Tues, July 5
Topic: Men and Women
Reading Due: Screwtape Letters 21-31

Thurs, July 7
Topic: What is Modern Man?
Reading Due: Abolition of Man, Chapter 1

Week 3
Tues, July 12
Topic: What is Modern Education?
Reading Due: Abolition of Man, Chapter 2

Thurs, July 14
Topic: Science and Mastery of Nature
Reading Due: Abolition of Man, Chapter 3

Week 4
Tues, July 19
Topic: Good books
Reading Due: God in the Dock: On the Reading of Old Books, Meditation in a Toolshed

Thurs, July 21
Topic: Family and Household
Reading Due: God in the Dock: The Sermon and the Lunch, We have no ‘Right to Happiness’

Week 5
Tues, July 26
Topic: Social Conditioning
Reading Due: God in the Dock: Humanitarian Theory of Punishment, First and Second Things, The Trouble with “X”

Thurs, July 28
Topic: True Masculinity
Reading Due: Reading Handouts: The Inner Ring, Necessity of Chivalry

Week 6
Tues, Aug 2
Topic: Tyrants vs Kings
Reading Due: The Last Battle chapters 1-4

Thurs, Aug 4
Topic: Battle Lines & Nature of Persuasion
Reading Due: The Last Battle chapters 5-8

Week 7
Tues, Aug 9
Topic: Spiritual War & Evil
Reading Due: The Last Battle chapters 9-12

Thurs, Aug 11
Topic: Surprises in Heaven
Reading Due: The Last Battle chapters 13-16