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Christian Faith and Technology with Dr. Thomas Price


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Christian Faith and Technology: The Widening Influence of Technology on our Lives and its Moral Impact

Fall 2021

Wed & Thurs 5pm-6pm Pacific Time/8pm-9pm Eastern Time

First Class Wednesday, October 6

Last Class Thursday November 18

Instructor: Dr. Thomas Price

Email: [email protected]

Description of the Course:

This course is an introduction to moral theology and its assessment of the spiritual, intellectual, and ethical implications of advanced technology on our lives. We will note many of the positive benefits of advanced technology while engaging key challenges of it to our lives, culture, and faith. In this course, we will become familiar with Christian moral theology and its rich substance for engaging such advances. Further, we will delve into such challenging topics as Big Tech, Tyranny, and Truth Suppression; Social Media, Popular Culture, and Human Relationships; Family Relations, Children, and Internet; Transhumanism, Transgenderism, and Medical Manipulation of our Created Natures; Propaganda, Politics, and the Gospel, and many other related themes.  The aim of the course is to theologically assess the spiritual and moral impact of such advances and cultivate a Christian reply drawing upon the riches of the biblical theological vision.