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TCND: Just Shut Up (Facebook Down)

Hi, Neighbor Pkarlgh! We decided to record a podcast in the middle of the Facebook Outage, because we thought it might be headline news for longer than 10 minutes… John talked to his Computer Coding Genius friend who gave us some insider information on why the whole system went down for the longest blackout in the platform’s history.

THEN, we give an update about the Speeding Ticket Lady from last week’s episode about toxic femininity. (Spoiler: she still has dozens of people encouraging her bad behavior.)

NEXT, too many people just KEEP TALKING when they’re upset, which only makes everything worse. If folks would learn to SHUT UP until their strong emotions pass, the world would be a better place. We understand that sometimes you feel like venting! And sometimes you make mistakes and get frustrated with yourself and others. But it’s better to JUST SHUT UP.

FINALLY, the Peaches reads one of her old blog posts (from 2010) about how you should NEVER say “shut up” to anyone. Her tirade is pretty funny in light of the title of this episode… But, at the time, it was a serious argument she had with her new husband. As much as she didn’t appreciate being told to shut up, it turned out to be decent advice.

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