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The Comedian Next Door
The Comedian Next Door
TCND: Why Is Everyone Deconstructing (Kylie Bikini)

The house is FULL of family today (especially noisy kids)–and we don’t feel much like podcasting…  But, we’re doing it anyway!   Tabby is at the table, and Megan grabs a mic later in the episode as well. 

John wants to talk about why so many Christians seem to be “deconstructing” their faith.  We think we mostly agree with the article he quotes.

Young Americans no longer trust large institutions like the government, the medical establishment, and the Church.  They’ve become loners who trust no one except themselves…and it’s getting to the point where they don’t really trust themselves, either. (That’s what happens when you have been taught to see through everything. There’s no end to the free fall.)

Christians have access to information about other belief systems and worldviews they didn’t have 100 years ago, which may tempt them away from their faith.  But–more importantly–they don’t have the skills necessary to discern what’s true and what’s false.  

Pull up a chair and join the discussion!   Email [email protected] with your comments. Also–be looking for more information about the Fight Laugh Feast Conference in October.  We’ll see you there, Neighbor!