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TCND: Vaccine Update and Classic Rambling (Idiot's Table)

We don’t know what we’re talking about today, Neighbor Pkarlghl! But that never stops us from filling 45 minutes with meandering conversation…

Emmi (5-years-old) treats us to a very quiet recitation of “The Elephant.” Then we get ready to open the mailbag. (But first–a quick plug for the Fight Laugh Feast Conference. John says we’ll be recording the next episode live at the conference, and hopefully that’s true!)

This week, someone mistook John’s youngest daughter, Tabby, for his wife. (Awkward.) And someone else named their computer “Pkarlgh” in honor of this podcast. (Awesome!)

Then the Peaches’ is asked for an update about the vaccine mandate being imposed on her husband, who’s a registered nurse. Luke was granted a religious exemption, and the Peaches shares the details about the scathing letter they wrote and gave to the hospital.

Healthcare is a mess right now! Good employees are being fired (or walking out), and the leadership teams are panicking. Facebook groups of angry healthcare workers are being blown off the internet. What a time to be alive!

Then John asks, “Why do administrators think they can just be nasty–and bare their teeth–and then people will do what they want?” And the answer is…unfortunately, because that DOES work sometimes. This leads to a conversation about Christians being bullied into deleting things off the internet.

Later, Rick Warren said the best way to love your neighbor in this era is to wear a mask. John has some thoughts about that. And the Peaches thinks people on both sides of the debate are actually afraid they might be wrong…

Thank you to the Fight Laugh Feast Network for hosting us–and thank you to Subsplash for sponsoring the app.

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See you next time!