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TCND: Ugly Sides and Police Reports (Everything Connects)

Hey, Neighbor! The Podcast Ninja (Luke) shot a deer. Silas wants a quesadilla. And we’ve been decorating for Christmas… After all of that, we get busy talking about WHATEVER WE WANT, because we can draw connections with any two ideas if we think about it long enough! (Send us your suggestions for two seemingly-unrelated topics. We will tell you how to make them connect. It’ll be fun.)

There’s a meme that sometimes makes the rounds saying, “People will provoke you until they bring out your ugly side—and then play the victim because you went there!”   John says it’s never appropriate to display your “ugly side”—especially if you’re going to blame others for your behavior. That’s what prisoners with criminal mindsets do. Before we share a quote like this one, we should ask ourselves if we still agree with the sentiment when it gets spoken by someone we don’t like…

Sidenote: if you can’t see things from another person’s perspective, you won’t be able to make comedy. You need to know what people think the truth is–and you also need to know what the ACTUAL truth is–so you can reveal where the absurdities lie. It’s silly to say that it’s okay to be an abuser as long as someone else abused you first. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

Later: we have another story to share, but how can we make them connect?

We unpack a small scandal in the Pro-Life community. (Click to visit Abby Johnson’s Facebook post that we reference.) What should we do when someone tells a story that makes a GREAT pro-Life message, but the details can’t be verified? What if the woman starts a non-profit and asks for donations and travels the country to share her testimony, but there are doubts about her story? And, most importantly: why would a person claim there’s a police report to prove her claim, but she shouldn’t have to share it?…

Thanks for visiting today, Neighbor Pkarlgh! Remember to write to [email protected] with your suggestions for random topics that would be difficult to relate with each other.

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