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TCND: Tabby's Here and Has Big Feet (Punching Down)

Tabby is at the table today. She’s John’s OTHER daughter (and the Peaches’ sister). Good luck figuring out which voice belongs to which sister. We kick off the conversation with an email letting John know there was a sliiiiiiight problem with his 3-minute devotionals this week. (Oops.) Then–the Peaches shares an excerpt from a self-help book about how nothing is okay and everything sucks.

Somehow, this leads nicely into an audio clip featuring Robin DiAngelo, who explains that you can joke about white people…but you can’t joke about people of color, because they’re “different.” Peaches gets John’s reaction to that opinion.

All of this is punctuated by Kid Noises and general familial interruptions.

What does it mean when comedians talk about “punching up” or “punching down”…and why does John want to attach extra prepositions to the end of those terms?

How have so many Jewish people mastered the art of comedy? Why can’t worship leaders laugh at themselves? What are some good insults to use on Tabby? All of this and more!

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