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The Comedian Next Door
The Comedian Next Door
TCND: Stay in Your Lane (Not the Boss of Me)

We’re here at the table, Neighbor Pkarlgh! (And the kids are working busily nearby.) Join us while we talk about John’s latest post on social media.  Spoilers: this conversation does not go the way he expected…

In this episode: 

-Why would a person post a comment that is nothing but Scripture?

-Social media encourages disagreement and misunderstanding.

-It’s almost impossible to communicate with other humans…  unless we can find common ground in Christ.

-We don’t often treat people on social media with the same grace we give our loved ones in real life.

-John is defensive about being defensive.

-Plus MORE!

Bottom line: maybe we should stay in our lane by focusing on helping people find the humor in their life and choose joy. 

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