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The Comedian Next Door
The Comedian Next Door
TCND: BONUS, Starving Comics' Chubby Bruce Introduction

Every Sunday at 7:00pm Eastern time, four Christian entertainers host a LIVE YouTube event called the Starving Comics Quarantine Show.  If you have been missing these, here’s an audio sample to give you the idea.

The first 3-4 minutes of this episode make up the “sound check” portion. You’ll hear the hosts talk all over each other, thanks to the internet delay and the fact that Juan DeVevo is calling in from the road with his tiny little band called Casting Crowns. 

John thomas Oaks and Brian Apprille also join John Branyan to talk about Star Spangled Ding Dongs and Chubby Bruce.   Trust us when we tell you that both of these things are significant to regular viewers of SCQS, so tune in and get caught up! 

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