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TCND: Self-Love for Me, Not Thee (Family Feud)

Welcome to our house, Neighbor! We’re not over-exaggerating when we say John and the Peaches aren’t seeing completely eye-to-eye on this episode. Be prepared for a little bickering…

A listener weighs in on a recent episode. Do teachers WANT their students to be as offended as possible?

The Peaches disagrees with both John and the Neighbor who sent us this email.

Many, many, many Tik-Tok, Instagram influencers claim they were raised by parents who didn’t LOVE them enough, and it caused them to have low self-esteem. (Their parents were selfish.) So, they think the solution is to LOVE THEMSELVES in ways their parents never did. In other words: they want to become as self-focused and self-absorbed as their parents were.

Eventually, the Peaches brings up the Golden Rule, and that’s where things start to go off the rails. What happens when people start reading the Bible for OTHERS instead of applying it to themselves?… Well, it doesn’t work. (We agree about that.) But John thinks it’s possible to take the Golden Rule too far…? Or something?… And then we have to talk about BDSM, so it gets weird.
Sorry, Neighbor.

We unnecessarily complicated this whole thing.

But, bottom line: We think there are parents and teachers out there who selfishly train up children to be THEIR PERSONAL SERVANTS; they are raising kids to be part of a world that revolves around THEM…

Finally, the Peaches whirls about whether you can respect an idea or belief that you disagree with. Why is this so hard for people to grasp?!?!?!

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