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TCND: Peacemakers vs. Pacifists (Saucy Sushi Ship)

Welcome to the Comedian’s house, Neighbor Pkarlgh! If you don’t want to spend a long time shooting the breeze about Japanese food, we apologize in advance.

John published a post about “Peacemaking” this week, and the Peaches wasn’t impressed with his delivery. It was a bit rambly and unorganized. Buuuuut, there were some strong points.

Here’s the private message John received: “I do have to ask, have you become a Facebook troll? Hahaha! It’s funny. But you seem to donate your opinions, many of which I also agree. But they are unsolicited. As I am tempted to throw my two-cents into a Facebook thread, I am also reminded that ‘blessed are the peacemakers.’ Are you helping to keep the peace?”

This is a perfectly reasonable question! But, sometimes comedians aren’t very nuanced when they have a point to make.

There are two issues with this private message.

#1. Private messages are like dragging someone out of the townsquare into a dark alley, where there are no witnesses, so you can confront them.

#2. The definition of “peacemaking” in the Western church is a bit messed up.

Unfortunately, too many people want to jusify their cowardice by calling themselves “peacemakers.” But Peacemaking isn’t refusing to fight; it’s fighting the RIGHT PEOPLE…

Send us an email: [email protected], Thanks for laughing with us, Neighbor!