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TCND: Money Won't Educate and Empathetic Witches (Truth Stickers)

Hi, neighbor! If you’re listening, we call you “Pkarlgh.”

It’s another challenging day in Homeschool Land. Shockingly, when you set out to educate your children, it’s not all smiling faces and photo ops. Lots of people think they can solve this problem by throwing another trillion dollars at the public school system–to reward the “good teachers” who are trying to get 8-year-olds to stop writing more wrong answers before you’ve finished erasing the first one…

John thinks there are actually people in the world who WANT to educate their own kids, but the Peaches thinks the word “want” isn’t quite accurate. Nobody WANTS to kill their flesh daily.

Only self-sacrificial love will motivate someone to keep marching down the Parenting Path, on really hard days like today.

Cami is making banana pancakes in the background, so please allow for a few important recipe-related interruptions.

Next, apparently some people think we need to water the deserts until they become forests…

Also, someone asks John for his credentials when it comes to “the ability to certify Truth.”

Finally, we get around to talking about Christian people who identify as “Empaths,” not realizing it’s a concept related to the New Age Occult. John didn’t even realize how relevant this topic is, despite the Peaches telling him that pretty much every woman on Instagram is bragging about her “Empathic” ability to “feel other people’s energy” as soon as they walk into a room.

People who hang around on “trauma support groups” and read books about “surviving narcissists” are absolutely steeped in this spiritual-sounding garbage. They’re being told they HAVE to be selfish and protect themselves from abusers, because they are tender-hearted saints while everyone around them is a horrible sinner.

Let us know if you need a shower after this episode, Neighbor! Grab a crystal ball and two candles and follow us to the weird part of the internet.