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The Comedian Next Door
The Comedian Next Door
TCND: Joe Rogan and Possessed Women (Free Africa w/ Coffee!)

The boys/men of the family just got back from eating “Man Food.” Quick–let’s talk about what made John laugh this week, before we dive into the INTERESTING stuff the Peaches wants to discuss.

First of all, why are a bunch of irrelevant, old musicians picking a fight with Joe Rogan?  Well–we want to announce (formally) that we’re joining the boycott! Hopefully this earns us some attention, as it has done for Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. 

Next, what about Apple’s new emoji of the “pregnant man?”    And what about Minnie Mouse getting a wardrobe change?

And isn’t this podcast supposed to be FUNNY?

Whenever we give examples of women doing unwise, sinful, or embarassing things, we use the pseudonym “Carlina” to keep their real names anonymous.   Today’s Carlina story involves Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion, plus some weird voodoo nonsense.  We give several examples of comments that are barely coherent… just strange, spiritual-sounding blather. 

Spoilers:  Carlina has a few creative edits for the Bible. 

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