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The Comedian Next Door
The Comedian Next Door
TCND: Is John Weird? (He's a Jeff)

We open this episode celebrating John’s birthday!  (Sometimes we celebrate his birthday when he’s not actually present…)  Tabby is here for a little bit, and the cherry delight is truly delightful.  

If you’ve ever wondered why restaurants often sing a special happy birthday song rather than the traditional version, allow Tabby to make up a nonsense explanation!  

Later: John is encouraging his small congregation to visit ANOTHER small congregation for Sunday services. Does that make him weird?  (Short answer: yes.)

We spend the rest of the show unpacking WHY John is so weird.  And we’ll explain why every local church body in the country is a little bit different, but also mostly the same. 

Which role do you play in YOUR local church, Neighbor?  

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