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TCND: Introducing the World's Dumbest Woman (Do You Concur?)

Hey, Neighbor! Sorry for the technical glitch in the intro. No idea what’s going on there.

John just came back from St. Louis, where he was hanging out with Tim Hawkins’ family. They recorded a podcast which will get published next week and involves important conversation about grapes. NO SPOILERS! You’ll just have to listen when it’s available.

Also: tune in Wednesday, because we’ve got a HOUSEGUEST in the form of the Babylon Bee’s managing editor, Joel Berry.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Introducing PKARGHLINA! (Pronounced: Carlina) Anytime we want to share a true story of a woman doing something foolish, we call that woman “Pkarghlina.” Sometimes she has babies with five different men. Sometimes she calls herself Mama Bear and wastes the time of the police. It doesn’t matter what Pkarghlina’s real name is. What matters is the behavior that should be avoided.

We’re writing modern day morality tales over here, Neighbor! Don’t be a fox…or a Pkarghlina.

Finally, we talk more about empathy vs sympathy, because Doug Wilson reacted to a cartoon on the subject. The Peaches had already seen the cartoon before, because it was assigned as part of the curriculum for becoming a Birth Doula. In a culture that encourages everyone to stop judging and keep FEELING, no wonder Pkarlghina is so confused.

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