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TCND: HOUSEGUEST, Nathan Hunter, Our Black Friend

We have a Houseguest at the table today: Nathan Hunter! He is an avid reader, a fair-minded conversationalist, and a student of the history of Critical Race Theory. All of this makes him smarter than approximatley 99% of the people he meets on the internet. If he wants to engage people on social media, he’s going to need to dumb things down A LOT!

Nathan explains he wants to help people think on a deeper level–but he’s just not great at shaming and attacking people. That’s where we can help!

The Peaches invites Nathan to share his background/credentials. But he’s not sure he has researched enough, yet. He wants to jump into the conversation and argue IDEAS–but he’s waaaaaay too thoughtful to play the role of the Troll.

Welcome to the Comedian’s House!

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