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TCND: HOUSEGUEST, David Pendleton

We’re at the kitchen table with good friend and ventriloquist, David Pendleton–but DON’T CALL HIM DAVE!

If you’ve never listened to a conversation with David before, you won’t know that he’s an expert on German Baptist theology. (It’s a long story, Neighbor Pkarlgh. But you can listen to the German Baptist episode of the Comedy Sojourn by clicking here: Scandals, Forgiveness, Foot-washing, and German Baptists )

Today, David gives just a brief description of the baptism ceremony in the German Baptist community–and then we’re able to seque nicely into talking about a DIFFERENT kind of fundamentalism which is infecting the culture… That is, Woke Fundamentalism.

David has been a staff member at Campus Crusade for Christ since the mid-80’s, and he has an insider’s perspective to share regarding the recent criticism of (and subsequent apology from) Josh McDowell. David’s testimony may or may not include examples from Cru’s internal message boards.

This is an extended episode detailing how a once strong, faithful organization can become infiltrated by unChristian ideas in a relatively short amount of time.

“Here’s the important narrative here… if you say that a certain group of people do not have equal opportunity, you cannot then attribute it to something that is true within their culture. You always have to attribute it to [being] because they have been victimized.” –David Pendleton

Join us at the table!
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