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We’re here at the kitchen table with a neighborhood celebrity–our FLF brother–Adam “AD” Robles.
To kick off, we joke about not knowing what we’re supposed to be talking about. Except, it’s not really a joke, and we literally don’t know what we’re talking about…

Eventually, we find our rhythm and dissect the way “Evangelical” leadership has failed to defend itself against Cancel Culture. (Hello, Josh McDowell!) But maybe the falling away of cowardly pastors is a blessing in disguise?…

In this episode, we cover:
-AD’s massive network of executive staff
-Why John’s podcast is boring
-How Josh McDowell cancelled HIMSELF
-Should Christians be FEARED in the culture?
-Should parents be FEARED by their children?
-Feminism permeates the culture, including churches
-How Evangelicals regularly misjudge the cultural moment
-Plus, Pkarlgh (our listener) gets a suave new Spanish nickname!

“If Josh McDowell could not stand up to the woke Everything-Is-Racist mob, then maybe it’s time for him to step aside. The last think that Evangelicalism needs is ANOTHER person who won’t stand up to paganism and evil ideologies. So, he shouldn’t have done it; he shouldn’t have resigned. But, since he’s the type of guy who would resign–good!” –AD Robles

“Evangelicalism has made it an artform of preaching the sermon that does not need to be preached right now…” –AD Robles

Bonus: Why AD is grateful for Transgenders at Hooters.