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The Comedian Next Door
The Comedian Next Door
TCND: Emotional Maturity and Ethical Problems (Save the Scientists!)

Welcome to the table at the Comedian’s house…and welcome to “Kokomo Beach” as well. 
We’ve been doing some hard work managing our emotions lately…  

John used a passage in 1 Timothy when he was teaching at youth Bible Study this week. What does “rebuke” mean? And what does “exhort” mean? Ask your kids to define words for you, Neighbor! It helps them learn to think!

Later: we give some examples of adults who struggle with ethical dilemmas because they aren’t wise.    What would you do if the boat was sinking and you could only save 4 out of 10 people?  (Why not just roll dice?)   

Then: what would you do if you got pregnant out of wedlock and didn’t want to confess to your family?

Finally:  Pilgrim’s progress is a really great story. Kids don’t have the capacity to understand it fully. But, with some life experience (and maturity), it really hits you!  

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