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TCND: Dignity and Rollercoasters (Mouth Honk)

Welcome, Pkarlgh! The birthday party prep is in full swing, and 5-year-old Emery was given the best chore ever!

This reminds John of a new segment idea: Is This a Joke?! As the culture continues to swim in irrationality, there are a lot of things happening that would have been considered unbelievable 20 years ago… For example: Atheist chaplains and women who put their sons in dresses and then complain that they’re being bullied… Is this a joke?

Related: John is very proud of the new sound he can make with his mouth. Let us know if you’re as impressed as he is, by emailing [email protected] .

Finally, it’s mail time! How can we be respectful toward our bodies as temples and have dignity as Christians made in God’s image–while we’re laughing at everything?

It’s a good question, Pkarlgh! We should want to be mature…responsible…respectable…and to maintain a human dignity. However–we shouldn’t be too preoccupied with being SEEN as very grown up. C.S. Lewis has a great quote about our quest for maturity.

Shout out to Tony and Joseph on the Patriarchy Podcast! They’re our network brothers on Fight, Laugh, Feast… Then we spend waaaaaay too long trying to think of a synonym for “frivolous.”

Don’t forget: A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. –Roald Dahl
The most dignified parts of this podcast have–by far–been the most boring.

And what does Cami’s experience on a roller coaster have to do with struggling to be dignified?

Finally, we wrap up with a quick Whirl from the Peaches. Christians have historically been very Libertarian-leaning. (Small government, free markets, etc.) But we don’t live in a moral society anymore. We can’t value “free choice” at all costs–when our neighbors are “choosing” to kill babies. And we can’t value free enterprise at all costs, when pagan corporations are censoring Christian thought…

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