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Fight Laugh Feast Network
Fight Laugh Feast Network
TCND: Christmas Joy and COVID (End of the Whiff)

The ‘Rona has come to the Comedian’s house… so, actually, we’re not sitting at the kitchen table. We’re using video chat to record this socially-distanced episode.

First, the Peaches talks about her worst COVID symptoms. (Can you feel like throwing up without being nauseous?) And then we discuss how crazy it is when air is passing through your nostrils, but you’re still unable to SMELL. Is there a virus that causes you to go colorblind?

And, more importantly, isn’t God great for giving us the ability to appreciate nice smells?… He could take it away in an instant, you know?

Christmas is right around the corner. and it’s the perfect season to appreciate the PHYICAL pleasures of life. We’re not talking about Hedonism… We’re talking about praising God for making a tangible Universe and then giving us bodies that sense things. He didn’t have to do that, but He must have thought it was important.

Humans are more than just little brains being carted around on two legs.

God came to us as a baby to show us he CARES about our bodily needs. The sights, sounds, tastes, and touches are things He experienced, too. So, don’t forget to decorate and bake something delicious and sing a beautiful song or two. You’re not being unspiritual when you celebrate with your whole self.

Editor’s note: Google says THE PEACHES was pronouncing “ascetisism” correctly, but John wasn’t. (uh·seh·tuh·si·zm, with a short ‘e’ sound)