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The Comedian Next Door
The Comedian Next Door
TCND: BONUS, Spooky ASMR on the Starving Comics' Show

Every Sunday at 7:00pm Eastern Time, John Branyan LIVE streams a comedy show with three of his most talented friends:  Brian Apprille–Fellow Comedian,  John thomas Oaks–Song Composer, Juan DeVevo–Founding Member of Casting Crowns. 

On this episode: technical difficulties, Gilbert Gottfried as a hypnotist, and finally, the hosts treat you to some high-quality ASMR! 

If you like listening to this show, you’ll love watching it.  Tune in every Sunday at 7:00pm on the John Branyan YouTube channel. Your LIVE comments will be featured!  Also–join us October 6th-8th at the Fight Laugh Feast Conference in Knoxville.  Details at