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TCND: Blunt Talk with Family (Stinky Feet)

Welcome to the kitchen table, Neighbor Pkarlgh! The ladies in our family get together once a week for “Just Because I Love You Day,” and this time John is crashing the hen party. So, we’re recording two podcasts at the same time. On the mics: John, Peaches (Amanda), Megan, and Tabby. (You can find the Four Sisters’ podcast, Just Because I Love You, by clicking this link: )

There are twice the number of children usually in the background, so please bear with their happy chatter.

On the mics: John, Peaches (Amanda), Megan, and Tabby.

First of all, John’s feet smell terrible and Megan had to intervene.

Next, we read an email from a Pkarlgh who wants to know if we’ve ever caused bridges to be burned in our own family by being too blunt. JUST KIDDING! First John interrupts with a different email about how awesome our podcast is.

Okay, THEN we read the letter asking how we navigate those tricky/sticky subjects when we’re interacting with close relationships rather than random internet trolls. Are John and Peaches nicer on the internet or in person? Do we tone down the rhetoric to spare the feelings of our loved ones?

Let’s talk about how to build a resilient family that agrees about the fundamentals of truth and boldness!