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TCND: Being Jerks and Mama Aint Happy (Festive Du-Dunting)

We’re trying to cut down on the microphone clunking, Neighbor. Let us know how that’s going. Also, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Comedian’s house! Unfortunately, we can’t think of very many good words to describe it… So let’s get down to business talking about whether Christians should be jerks!

Nobody actually thinks being a jerk is a good thing. But, sometimes, comedians say things they don’t mean, to help make a point. The Peaches isn’t convinced that John made his point very well this time. But, luckily, she was there to help prompt a better dialog in the comment section! (You can follow John Branyan on Facebook, and read the post in question for yourself.)

Next, someone on Telegram thanked us for talking about women’s sins and pointing out examples of Feminism taking over the church. He said there aren’t any other people (to his knowledge) that are covering this topic as solidly as we do. SO, we’ve got another example for your consideration today.

Do Christians tend to take a mom’s side so completely that they will even call her kids “crazy” when they disagree with her story? That’s pretty insulting toward the kids, isn’t it?

And, what happens when you try to point out this phenomenon on social media in a thread where a bunch of women are sharing their testimonies of having their adult children turned against them by evil, abusive fathers? Well, if you stand up for the adult children, you will get a bunch of angry-reacts from the moms. This prompts the Peaches to say this: “In America in 2021, the people who are using their ANGER to control their family members are not usually the fathers. They are the moms loudly announcing when Mama Ain’t Happy.”

Thanks for joining us today! Reach out with your comments and your Christmas Adjectives: [email protected]
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