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TCND: Arresting Pastors, Child-Hating Karens (Biproduct of Intercourse)

We tackle three distinct questions in this episode: What’s funny about pastors getting arrested? Can you be bald and have sin in your heart? And…what have you MADE to make the planet better? (Don’t say “my kids,” Pkarlgh! Apparently that’s the wrong answer.)

First up, we teach you how to spell your own name, Pkarlgh, in case we haven’t explained that already…

Next, John explains that laughing DURING a tragedy isn’t the same as laughing AT the tragedy. And then he gives his favorite joke premises for mocking the governments responsible for arresting pastors…

Finally, we spend the vast majority of our time unpacking the most self-centered and dehumanizing comments from a Feminist about somebody’s child that you’ve heard in awhile. (And if you have screenshots of something MORE outrageous and offensive than this, please share them with us!)

Don’t forget to send emails to [email protected], to be part of the show. Feel free to write letting The Peaches know how much her new sound effects complete the show.

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