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The Comedian Next Door
The Comedian Next Door
TCND: An Unfocused Talk about Focus

The Comedian’s house is busy (as always).  Let the 4-year-old explain why he “needs” to use tongs to handle his Elmo doll… 

We’re continuing to “plod” along with our daily tasks–but sometimes the process feels painfully slow. If you’re an older mother who has successfully raised her children in the Lord, the Peaches could use some encouragement.  Email [email protected] to share your testimony of how daily, ordinary faithfulness has paid off. 

Later:  Look at all the amazing things our bodies are able to do… like REMEMBERING things that happened in the past and driving to church without crashing. 

Who are we to decide what’s “too much” for us to handle? Wouldn’t we think most of our ordinary activities were “too much,” if we hadn’t experienced being able to do them?

The Peaches has been convicted that she has been influenced by the Materialist culture more than she realized.  There are assumptions about the limitations of our physical bodies which come from “science” (and “experts” in Biology) rather than from Scripture…

Many other things get brought up as well, but it’s a bit difficult to outline. Pull up a chair at the table and join us!

Visit to Join the Comedy Clique and support the show.  You also can visit for more information about the Fight Laugh Feast Conference, coming up in October.  Our family will be there (Lord willing).  Will yours?