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TCND: Abusing Rhetoric (Miraculous Weight Gain)

John’s car broke down, but at least he was able to drive 3/4 of a mile first! Our friend, Nathan, made a great comment about people using rhetoric to say what they DON’T REALLY MEAN, and the Peaches decided to make it the theme of this episode.
John’s sister (“Aunt Bonnie”) once found an injured bird in a parking lot, and it became a favorite family story about crazy emotions.

Can you EVER trust your emotions? We don’t answer that… but you can’t be mad when people laugh at your extremism. This reminds the Peaches of a comment about gluttony and obesity that is so outrageous she has to read it verbatim.

Later, John embraces the chaos and goes off script by trying to read a comment that is almost completely unintelligble. Even having seen the comment with her own eyes, the Peaches needs a translator. Apparently, one of John’s former classmates passed away and another classmate was really broken up about it…so he took the opportunity to verbally abuse everyone else in the graduating class.

Also, the next generation thinks you are going to look at their bracelets in order to figure out what pronouns to use.

All of this is related to emotionalism and rhetoric, and it will keep happening if we continue prioritizing style and tone above objective truth.

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