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The Comedian Next Door
The Comedian Next Door
TCND: God Rules Humor, Spoiled Brats (Pope and McDonalds)

Please join us in praying a hedge of protection around the Comedian’s recording equipment.  Welcome to our table–where Tabby is just getting back from an appointment with her newborn, Warren. We’re pretty sure this lip-tie surgery is going to cure ALL of his future ailments. 

Tabby hasn’t had Facebook for over a year, so she hasn’t seen our dad’s recent posts.  So, pull up a chair what while we fill her in on all the things we’ve been discussing on social media this week…

Every time you laugh at a man dressed as a woman, a Trans Girl gets more afraid to come out!

John agrees wholeheartedly. 

Laughter is a good way to determine whether you need to examine your beliefs for hidden stupidity.  Humans don’t decide what is funny; GOD decides what is funny. 

You can’t punch down at people who refuse to view themselves as LESS THAN you are. (High five for cheeseburgers, everybody!) 

Later:  the Peaches shares a dirty joke that was posted by a troll. But there’s a point to giving this lewdness some air time! Technically, the joke is legit. 

Then:  a pastor has discovered that his girlfriend is pregnant…and his confession is similar to when one of our toddlers “discovers” that a sibling has been pinched, but he can’t bring himself to state exactly HOW THAT HAPPENED.   This is how spiritual infants speak. 

AND: John tells a story of a time he accidentally was insulted a friend with disabilities.   This type of condescension (and treating people with low-expectations) is what many churches have been cultivating and calling “LOVE.”   This is making Church People “Spiritually Spoiled.” 

Both believers and non-believers have been told they are “loved” so often that they are bursting with pride.   

Finally: What does all of this have to do with increasing rates of suicide? 

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