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Fight Laugh Feast Scholarship for Biological Females

Scholarship Details

God has blessed CrossPolitic enormously, particularly through our club members, and we have committed ourselves to blessing others. We want to give back some of what we’ve been given.

Fight Laugh Feast New St. Andrews College Women’s Scholarship: Beginning Fall 2022

In the interest of promoting a hard-hitting, thoroughly biblical education for life, CrossPolitic Studios is very excited to present: The Fight Laugh Feast “Beastmode Homemaker” Scholarship for qualified first year female students who have been accepted to New St. Andrews College. This scholarship will fund almost half a young woman’s annual tuition for four years.

Because CrossPolitic wants to encourage young women to prepare themselves to take dominion and be fruitful through beastmode homemaking this scholarship is specifically offered to qualified young women. 

How to be considered for the Fight Laugh Feast “Beastmode Homemaker” Scholarship:

  1. Apply to New St. Andrews College and receive official notification that you have been accepted. 


  1. Write a short essay (~1000) words explaining why you are the woman to receive this scholarship. This essay should be thoughtful, good humored, feminine, and well-written. The essay should include reasons how you believe a New St. Andrews College education will equip you to live for Jesus and defy the enemies of God. The essay should be uploaded to the application form on our website, and if technology fails, email it to Contact(at) All applications for the Fight Laugh Feast Scholarship must be received by February 1.


  1. The CrossPolitic wives (Annie, Sharron, and Jenny) will review all applications and if there is a worthy applicant, we will schedule an interview with up to the top three candidates, and the CrossPolitic Guys will announce the winner of the scholarship on a CrossPolitic Show with great fanfare sometime by April 1st of the year prior to the student’s entrance to the college. 


  1. The scholarship is for full-time, matriculating first year females (as defined by God and old-fashioned biology) at New St. Andrews College (because they know biology better than the Supreme Court) and automatically renews for up to four years. The scholarship is contingent on remaining such a student in good standing (academically, morally), and living like a faithful Christian in our community. The scholarship may be revoked at any time by the CrossPolitic gods, should a young woman prove to be unworthy of this honor. 

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